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drawing on the fly

This morning I was up with the kids, and enjoying my Saturday morning coffee while I was thinking about something to post/draw.  I guess I will start my blogging sessions as kind of an impromptu thing.  I  have to convey what I feel (as well talk about the drawing/painting) on any given day, week whatever.  I was sitting here this morning with my two children staring kind of blankly at my computer screen.  I looked over and there was my German Shepard, Roxy staring at me!  She of course wants to go out, the time was 6:30 am, and if I let her out she would immediately start barking like crazy and wake my wife up.  Thid week more so than normal she was pretty exhausted Friday night, so when I’m off I try and let her sleep….   Roxy does not care about her sleep!

    So when I was trying to figure out what to draw about, there it was staring at me, righy in front of me coffee, Roxy!  I quickly tried to convey the doggies  playful annoyingness(is that a word?).   My son is over there playing with his blocks, so I work quickly, I have to because there is  always something going on and I can never sit for to long with the kiddies up.  I grab my wifes blue pen, I prefer pencil , but pen is fun and feels more fluid than the pencils.  I’m not to worried about accuracy, I just want to flow. I probably will start posting some of my oil pastel paintings that I  am trying to sell on E-bay(cheaplyy of course, hey I’m just starting out). To all you fellow scribblers out there, Good night.


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Out of hiding

So here is my first post, and  I wanted to convey the feeling of hiding, meaning that besides drawing in my home I have not had  other ways of sharing art, drawing, and checking what others are up to.  Like I said in  the drawing  I am trying to convey the feeling of hiding out.  I did the drawing in about five minutes  with pencil. I worked quickly, I will usually be pressed for time while I am trying to juggle a family while starting this. Til next time.

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Hello world!

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