A New Biz? I’m going to damn try!!!

I have been posting my paintings on wordpress for a few years now and I usually just post the pics of my paintings to try and make an attempt to share them with fellow artsy people and art admirers. I mean I really love to paint and draw and I have beenat it   for about fifteen years or so. I mean I started fifteen years ago with some art book my wife picked up at a garage sale in bloomfield NJ, when me and wife still lived in our apartment. I remember she bought me this art book because I mentioned that I would like  to give drawing a try. So there it was the “art” book  sitting on dining room table and I just looked thinking it was so cool, and thinking to myself that I wanted to go out and buy more drawing books before I even started…lol.  I opened the book and found lessons for how to draw, how to see. My very first attempt at drawing was trying to draw an egg, and the book briefly described how I should begin. I did so bad, as you can imagine. I mean really bad. I still have them and I think that I will post them on here for everyone to see what happens when you work at something. Look I’m not saying I am this great artist ;), but I think that I am at least mediocre. So any way back to my very first drawing that really sucked! I tried to draw this damn egg from the lessons and did horribly and wanted to throw the book, the egg, and the drawing out the window in that small apartment in bloomfield NJ.  I didn’t, not sure that wasn’t a mistake, but I kept going. I kind of dabbled for the next five or six years before I started to take it more seriously.  The last nine to ten years really got into and tried to improve my skills and finally started painting a few years ago. I have never had any sort of education in art, or taken any classes. I have read alot and basically taught myself, and believe me I wish that i had some formal training, but of course that ever present money issue and time to do it has gotten in the way…:(.  So here I am after thinking it  over so many times,  about selling my  art work and trying to start a small(very small)business that involves selling painting and prints. I am of course skeptical, doubtful, and nervous. Regardless of how I feel about selling my art and trying to start a business. I am going to give it a go. I know it will take some time, but  I am not going to give up……….IMG_2724


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