Oil Pastels! What the hell are they???

Just what is an oil pastel? Many people probably have never heard of them, and even fewer people know what they are made of. Well oil pastels just happen to be my choice of medium  and  sometimes I wonder why I chose them, because they can certainly be a pain in the ass to use!

It seems they have been around for centuries and basically it was people using using colored wax sticks to draw on walls and such, there were later more modern versions, but they were considered more of a kids coloring tool. It wasn’t until Picasso wanted a professional version of well, crayons. I know! It makes me  feel so chidish that I use adult crayons to create art, but yes I am a big child :0).  Joking aside Picasso basically wanted professional quality “oil paint sticks” that he could whip out at a moments notice and make quality art without all the fuss of setting up oil paints.  So Voila he did it, with the help of the Sennelier family.  Oil pastels had officially become a “new medium”.

Oil pastels  are simple to use, but they are at the same time difficult to use, and yes they drive me crazy!!! This medium has such vibrant colors, but man does it take some time to get used to them. They are often described as painting with lipstick, and I guess in a way they are. They are very creamy and lay down smoothly, but they are very difficult to get fine details, and can be difficult to manipulate them to get the results that I like. There are a few different ways to make the oil pastels do what you want them to do, but I won’t bore you with details. I do use a number of different things to manipulate these products to get satisfactory results, but my strongest asset is that I cheat!. Thats right I said I cheat! I use oil paints in tandem with the oil pastels and it work very well. Some oil pastel purists might disagree, but I have the opinion that if it helps you to become a better artist than what the hell!

To the few  people that might read this blog at this time. I thank you very much! I am in the beginning stages of trying to build my art business and I am trying to connect with people and get started on my way.

Here are one of my originals that are for sale.

“Morning Scream”



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