Hello to all.  I amateur artist who has been drawing and painting for a few years. I work primarily in oil pastels, pencil, and colored pencils.  I love to draw and paint, and practice as much, as time will allow.  I am starting  this blog to share some creativity and inspiration.  I’m not sure where it will go yet!!  I guess  I just want a creative outlet to the world.  


7 thoughts on “About

  1. dianne - life as i see it February 19, 2012 — 8:54 pm

    you draw and paint wonderfully.. ;o)

    1. Hi Dianne, thanks for the comment…..much appreciated… :0)

  2. Well, you’ve definitely inspired me so mission accomplished!

    1. Hi Chelle, thanks for the kind words. Your work is really good!! I see that you want to be a tatoo artist, thats an awesome job…plus I hear they make pretty good money, are you an art student??
      Oil pastels can be tough to work with, and frustratng at times…but I love them. Thanks again.

      1. To be honest i have no idea how much a tattoo artist makes! I do know that apprenticeships are unpaid so for a very long time I will be making no money but that’s fine as I’ll still work part-time. I would rather be poor doing something I love than waste money going to the same clubs with the same people every weekend!!! 😀
        Haha the way you talk about oil pastels is similar to the way a lot of people talk about their kids, I like it!!
        I’m not an art student, i took art for one year in high school and failed it so that was the end of my art education! I did attend a semester of oil painting classes though, but have promptly forgot all of the technical aspects. I guess you could say that I just muddle along and wing it haha!!

  3. I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award, because your blog rocks! Check out the rules here:

    1. Hey Carter thank you so much!! I will post my stuff in the
      next day or so.

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