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Baby Face

I did this oil pastel a few years ago. I saw this cute babies face a few years ago in another magazine and wanted to give it a try. I remembered those big cheeks and they reminded me of my daughters face when she was a baby. This was another of my old ones. Keep Drawing(and painting) :0).




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My latest piece, as usual thay are slow in coming.   Everyone have a great day!! Keep drawing!!

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popping orchid

Here is my latest oil pastel. It was done in sennelier oil pastels and oil paint.  I must say that I had no idea where this one was going when I started.  I was going to tear it up at one point, it was a Saturday morning (last weekend as a matter of fact) when I woke to work on it, and I just wanted to throw the “damn thing” out, but before I did I was like just make the best out of it and perhaps learn something in the process.  So that was just what I did!  I had a good lesson in blending colors, and lesson in not giving up.  I know that I will never get any where with my painting unless I perservere and keep on going.  Isn’t that true with everything!!!

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Sunny Field

Here is my latest oil pastel, I took this one from a picture and tweaked it a little bit…I have to say that it started out good, but then went south a little.  I wasn’t as patient as I could have been, I still like certain aspects of the piece.  I almost didn’t put this out there, but I figure why the hell not!  does it really matter……nice to connect with other creative people. Trying to get more pieces done, it’s just tough with my time schedule…..I have two more in the works maybe I can get them done soon.  keep drawing everyone.

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wavy lady!!

So here is my latest painting. I really enjoyed playing with the effects of the water, and light. This one took me way longer than I wanted it to take, and I had to finish it with the kids using their crayons next to me while I was trying to put the final touches on it.  I mainly use oil pastels, but I started to mix in some oil paints in there for some details that can tough to get with the pastels. The camera that I am using is not the best, the colors are so much more vivid than is shown here, oh well.  I have another one coming soon.  keep drawing/ painting eveyone!!!

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field of flowers in oil pastel.

I just finished my latest oil pastel. This one my wife saw online and liked, so she saved it for me.  I am not particularly happy with this one I think I kept losing concentration when I was painting/drawing away. I still figure that I should post it.  Of course practice makes perfect.   I have been using sennelier oil pastels lately.  They are creamy, and colorful. They are also tough to work with!!!!!  Well I have to go ,and it’s time for the kiddies to go to bed.  Goodnight all!

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Recent oil pastel paintings.

So I thought that I would be able to get a few doodle drawings in  a week, but it does not seem to be working out at like that.  With my schedule being what it is I  have a tough time keeping a visual journal, and getting a couple of drawings in  a week. I think I will just post my pastel drawigs as I finish them, here are my latest two. Right now I am using only  oil pastels to make these  paintings,    I have another one coming soon.


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